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 by Gus

Very easy to search, find, and track down wells. I absolutely couldn’t find the wells without this site. I’ve tried afew of them, this is the best by far. JP is top notch . The update showing icons smaller are awesome. More screen map view... Must have for the Bakken....

 by Gus

I have been using maps for 4 years, very good and walks you into rig fairly decent. I do wish however there was not all the dang icons on the map screen. Or at least give an option to remove the icons so we can see more of the map and surroundings of well when zooming in or zooming out instead of the icons taking up so much room of the map view

 by Jared

I find the location I'm looking for 95% of the time. I'd like to see the rig locations again.

 by kerry davis
hot shot

we are coming back to nd to work again just found the website its Awesome, to bad the Obama care its this awesome !!!

 by Dave Cox
A nice service to us in the field

I appreciate having this site available in the field. It has saved me a lot of time compared to scanning a paper map trying to find a well by name.
I wish you had a feedback button, though, so I could send a message when the site has a problem. For instance, lately the search function isn't working right. It might be something on my end, but I suspect it's a database issue. I hope it gets resolved soon, either way.

 by Happy

Best thing I've came across so far. Tire of paying tons of money on AWTY map books and garmin fees.

 by Melissa P.
helpful site!

Hi Jesse. Thanks for replying so quickly. Good luck on getting the well operator glitch figured out. Other than that, it is a super useful site :-)

 by Marshall Huwe
Awesome Site

Thanks so much for the awesome site!! I use it regularly to find locations and get well information. I really appreciate the work you put into it!

 by Bird

I use these maps daily, on my computer as well as on my cell phone, very helpful! please update rig locations more often.

 by Mike
Very helpfull

This site is very helpfull. I use it all the time. Recommend it to anybody in the oilfields.

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