Rigs are back, pricing change, other notes

Rigs are back! For those that have been around with the site for a while now, you know that the drilling rigs were the only thing that we mapped (it is called northdakotaRIGSmap after all), but there were delays in keeping that information current. We believe we’ve solved that (it’s about time, right?).

Rig movements won’t be mapped just as soon as the rig has moved, but it’ll be fairly soon after. We can’t guarantee how soon the reporting will happen, but at least you’ll have a good idea of where they are, and all of the pertinent information about it will be attached too.

Making this update possible takes more resources and there is more time involved, so there has been a price bump. Those that are current subscribers will not see any change. You, current subscribers, have made this possible so rigs are included in your map at no extra charge.

We are looking to add additional features soon such as adding additional Favorites areas (for categorizing your locations), routing from location to location, search Rig by township, range, section, and more.

Thank you for your continued support!