Major update! (July/2022)

This month (July/2022) you’ll be seeing some major updates to the map.

Firstly, the map will have some big changes. There are some cosmetic changes that just make buttons look fancier. Then there are performance changes such as including Montana and North Dakota wells into the same interface. If you’ve ever needed to look up from both states, there is no longer any need to navigate away to one map or another. Just click which state you need before clicking the alpha dropdown and you’re all set.

In your Favorites section on the right side, North Dakota and Montana are in the same list, but visually identifiable as to which wells belong to which state.

Custom Notes

Clicking on a well brings allows you to type in custom notes in a text box below the well. This is viewable only by each person’s account. You can easily add, edit, and delete text. Clicking the ‘Map Selected Faves’ button will show that well on the map and you can view the note in the info window of the marker.

New map layers

The map layers and map types menu have been consolidated and moved to the bottom right and there have been several layers added. Click around and see what’s new.

New Print functions

The print button has also been moved to the bottom right, with new ability to select landscape, portrait, or custom size select.

Search by county upgrade

Searching by County will give you the county border of those wells in that selected county.

Search by PLSS upgrade

Searching for wells by Township, Range, Section, and Quarters just got a visual update as well. Now, once you pick Township and Range, the map will zoom to that box, and it will continue to highlight as you narrow down your search.

Look for the changes this month!