Q: Do I need more than one username/password for multiple people? I have several people who need to use it at the office.

A: Yes. The site attempts to allow only 1 user login at a time. If you have a driver login with john@abcCompany.com from the field, and another driver or office personnel tries to login, whoever was already on will get booted off. If you have more than 6 drivers or personnel that you need to get access to, we can set up a corporate discount. Please email for details.

Q: I just subscribed but can’t figure out how to log in.

A: If you have navigated to one of the map pages (ND Wells Map, Eastern MT Wells) and have signed up through one of those options, once payment is completed it should automatically redirect you to the home page. If, for whatever reason, you are signed out, there is a Sign In link on the right of the home page and also a Sign In link in the ND Wells Map page and Eastern MT Wells pages. If you are on a mobile device things will look a little different. You can click on the menu button on the upper left and click “Log In”. After logging in, navigate back to the member area that you purchased to get to the map.



Q: I just paid, how do I download the app?

A: The map(s) is a webapp – it works across all devices with a web browser. You access the map through the browser, so there is no download.

Q: I just paid for a subscription and I need a receipt.

A: You most likely have received a free trial. Once that free trial is over, and your card is charged, you will then receive an email with your charge for the subscription.

Q: I just got a notice that my plan will renew and I need a receipt.

A: If you have been notified about a renewal that will be coming in the next week or so, you will receive a receipt for that renewal once it has gone through. We can not get you a receipt until the actual renewal has happened, and only if the payment went through.

Q: I need to update my card info, change plans, or cancel my account.

A: If you are logged in, on any page of the site, look to the right and you will see “Your Account”. Click “Account” and a pop-up will be shown. On this pop-up you can see and/or change your Profile, Subscriptions and Downloads. On the bottom of the pop-up is a link that says “Update card” where you can change your card information.

Seeing an error? Please describe what it is specifically, or what you are expecting to happen based on your actions. Saying "it doesn't work" just isn't enough to help.