- Wells Map


The Wells Map now keeps track of your last map position, zoom, and map type. If you want it to show your current position, just click the crosshairs. Same-page directions and route to well from current location OR typed address are almost here! 6.10.15
The Wells Map is updated and now works in Internet Explorer. If you have bookmarked the FULL SCREEN MAP, please update your bookmark to reflect the new map's link. 6.4.15
Scroll down for Map Tips

Full Screen Map

Map Tips:

scaleControl1. The map scale (located in the lower right of the map) always defaults to kilometers and meters and is beyond my control. To get it to miles, click the scale and it will toggle between the two.



milemarker2. When the 'Mile Markers' layer is clicked, the mile marker number will display when scale is 500ft or closer.








quarters3. If wanting to utilize the 'Quarter Sections' layer, it is recommended only to turn it on when the scale is 500ft or closer or it will dramatically slow down the moving of the map and searching functions.







detailedRoads4. The 'Detailed Roads' layer is helpful for viewing road names that are not labeled by default. The layer is only viewable from the 2000ft and 1000ft scale.








5. The crosshair button will center your geo-located position. If using on a mobile phone, and approval is given to track your location, this tracking will be extremely accurate and will follow your movement. If using on a computer or tracking is denied, tracking will not be very accurate and may not work.

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