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North Dakota News
  • N. Dakota Takes on Hazelwood Ruling

    North Dakota journalism students and faculty support a bill that would grant students many of the protections enjoyed by professional reporters -- despite the U.S. Supreme Court's Hazelwood ruling. The bipartisan House Bill 1471 would guarantee students their First Amendment Right in broadcast and publication.

  • Heartland Daily Podcast - " Isaac Orr: Introducing Bette Grande to Energy Team

    Research Fellow Isaac Orr introduces the latest addition to The Heartland Institute's team, Research Fellow Bette Grande. Bette is a former legislator from North Dakota who served in the ND legislature for nearly two decades.

  • Crude behavior: the US is very, very serious about challenging Saudi oil dominance

    It would mean that international buyers would have access to new sellers of energy that could be purchased at competitive prices and in turn drive down the price of Saudi Arabian oil. The US banned crude exports in the 1970s when a number of Arab countries refused to sell oil to the US in protest of its support for Israel in the 1974 Arab-Israeli conflict.

  • Poll Shows that North Dakota Voters Want Sen. Heitkamp to Block...

    The statewide poll of likely voters also support provisions in the Department of Homeland Security funding bill approved by the House of Representatives, 55% to 34%, that would restrict funds from being used to implement the president's unlegislated amnesty programs. opposed defunding the president's executive amnesty earlier this month, despite her previous assertions that such acts are unconstitutional.

  • Poll Shows that North Dakota Voters Want Sen. Heitkamp to Block...

    A new statewide poll of likely North Dakota voters finds that they overwhelmingly oppose President Obama's abuse of executive power to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. North Dakotans oppose the president's plan by a 72% to 23% margin. The statewide poll of likely North Dakota voters was conducted February 20-22 by Zogby Analytics on behalf of the Federation for American Immigration Reform .

  • ND congressional delegation: Keystone veto is disappointing

    North Dakota's congressional delegation is criticizing President Barack Obama's veto of a bill to approve construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Chief sponsor Republican Sen. John Hoeven says the veto is not surprising but is unfortunate because it contradicts the "will of the American people.'

  • Gun Ranges in North Dakota: 4 Spots for Firearms and Pistol Practice

    North Dakota ranks 20th in a 2014 list of the best states for gun owners compiled by Guns and Ammo . "More than half of North Dakotans own firearms, and the vast rural expanses of the state provide plenty of shooting opportunities."

  • Cold for the Rest of the Month

    Extreme cold grips the Northeast, and the basically very cold weather regime will continue through the end of the month . The current cold will ease slightly between today and early tomorrow as the Northeast Corridor gets into the southwesterly flow ahead of YET ANOTHER COLD FRONT.

  • Pastor's wife fined $150 for praying too loudly on North Dakota...

    What $125,000 will buy you across America: A three-bedroom house in Richmond or a spacious Texas bungalow fit for a family... but look away now if you live in New York or San Francisco Eric Garner's daughter accuses Al Sharpton of being 'all about the money' and 'egotistical' in secret video filmed by political activists New terror alert for France after 'at least' five drones are spotted flying above Paris landmarks including Eiffel Tower and the US embassy Traces of nuts in a child's diet can prevent an allergy later: Babies under one who eat peanuts three times a week rarely develop reactions later in life Think YOUR commute is cold? The engineer, 56, whose daily 17-mile cycle in -10 degree temperature freezes his eyes OPEN Snack on cheese and don't brush for an hour after wine: Dental hygienists reveal the tips they use themselves GOP Congressman with lavish 'Downton Abbey' office ... (more)

  • Senate approves $1.1B - surge funding' bill

    Legislation headed to Gov. Jack Dalrymple's desk will move quickly to put $1.1 billion into highways and communities affected by North Dakota's exploding growth due to oil development. The Senate voted 46-0 on Monday to approve the "surge funding" bill that is being rushed through the legislative process so projects can begin by summer.

  • Donald - Christy' Christianson

    Donald L. "Christy" Christianson, 72, Minot, formerly of Bottineau, passed away in his home, Friday, Feb. 20, 2015, with his family by his side, after a long, courageous battle with cancer. Don was born April 28, 1942, in Bottineau, the son of Freeman and Grace Christianson.

  • Religion's role cited in annual reading of first president's letter

    The annual reading of George Washington's farewell message has included the first president's warning against the loss of religion in public life. North Dakota Republican John Hoeven read Washington's 1796 letter on the Senate floor, continuing a tradition that takes place each year on or near the first president's birthday.

  • N.D. House leader: No apology over canceled Muslim prayer

    North Dakota's House majority leader said Monday no apology is planned for the decision to stop a Muslim from delivering the chamber's opening prayer on Ash Wednesday because some members wanted a Christian pastor to give the invocation. The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a statement Friday calling on North Dakota Republican Party leaders to apologize to Dr. Nadim Koleilat, who ended up delivering the Senate prayer that day.

  • How and why the Supreme Court should read Obamacare in context

    Another key staff member who was there for the long, long process during which the Affordable Care Act was worked on by the House, by the Senate, by the White House with the Senate, and by the White House with the House and Senate as the two versions were combined and passed adds his voice to the many who have refuted the central claim in King v. Burwell .

  • Exploding Oil Trains Could Become a Horrifying New Normal

    Last week, a train carrying oil from North Dakota derailed in West Virginia , spilled oil into a river, and sent a horrifying fireball shooting into the sky. The incident came only a few days after another oil train spill in Ontario.

  • Bill O'Reilly invites critics 'to come on my program and look me in the eye'

    Bill O'Reilly continues pushing back against questions about his early war reporting. On Sunday, a former CBS journalist, Eric Engberg , appeared on CNN's Reliable Sources.

  • Republican legislators are hypoc...

    When he was governor, John Hoeven appointed Kevin Cramer to the Public Service Commission , Cory Fong tax commissioner , Adam Hamm insurance commissioner , and Doug Goehring agriculture commissioner . When Hoeven went to the U.S. Senate in 2010, Lt.

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