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North Dakota News
  • North Dakota, Minnesota Infrastructure Avoids Trouble With Congress Extending Highway Trust Fund

    July 31--Nick West was concerned about what might happen to Grand Forks County roads if the Highway Trust Fund had not been extended. Though Congress passed a three-month extension to the fund just hours before Friday's midnight deadline, West, the Grand Forks County Highway Department engineer, was left to wonder what the county might do without federal funding.

  • New UND online degree program, tribal collaboration aim to meet demand for social workers

    The University of North Dakota is taking steps to help address an expected increase in demand for social workers, with a new degree program and a collaboration with an American Indian tribe. UND in the fall will begin offering an online bachelor's degree program in social work.

  • Federal rail dollars gets a thumbs-up

    July 28 - North Dakota's congressional delegation said Monday that the Federal Railroad Administration's commitment of money for planning rail improvements in the Midwest is a solid move toward improving passenger rail travel. More than $2.78 million was committed by the FRA to go toward multi-state rail planning in the Midwest.

  • Taylor Swift cradles Jaime King's newborn son and her godson Leo Thames Newman

    The boy with a DOUBLE hand transplant: Zion, eight, shows off new limbs after he lost both hands to infection when he was two Fifteen-year-old boy 'lured eight-year-old girl who lived next door to his apartment, killed her and dumped her body in a dumpster' ISIS Florida beach massacre thwarted: Key West man 'planned to bury backpack bomb on popular beach on July 4 and detonate it with a cell phone' Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone and its 10,000 texts during Deflategate investigation, NFL reveals as it upholds his four-game ban Listen to the horrifying moment an airline pilot with just THREE minutes of fuel left is told he can't land in North Dakota because the airport is 'closed' The ultimate pin-up: Never-before-seen stills from Marilyn Monroe's iconic nude calendar shoot thought to have been lost forever set to go on display as part of new exhibit Fatal Virgin Galactic crash was ... (more)

  • Ex-guard at Georgia prison, 48, accused of forcing inmates to have sex with him

    WANTED: American dentist who paid $55,000 to kill Africa's most famous lion goes into hiding and says he 'did nothing wrong' as Zimbabwe police demand to speak to him Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone and 10,000 texts during Deflategate investigation, NFL report reveals as his four-game ban is upheld Saudi Arabian royals who annexed an entire public beach for their stay on the French Riviera 'ordered local police not to allow female officers near them' 'I actually think I'm a pretty good president,' says Obama as he makes claim he would win a THIRD term if legally allowed to run again Nasa's 'impossible' fuel-free thrusters DO work : Scientists confirm viability of super-fast engine that could get us to the moon in 4 hours and the nearest star in 100 years Listen to the horrifying moment an airline pilot with just THREE minutes of fuel left is told he can't land in North Dakota because ... (more)

  • Section 179 extension part of Senate Finance Committee bill

    Mid-South farmers and their accountants will be relieved to know that the Senate Finance Committee has introduced a tax bill that would extend the Section 179 small-business expensing and bonus depreciation through 2016. Section 179 allows farmers to expense and depreciate property they have purchased or repaired for their operations.

  • North Dakota's Mandan Indians are Pulitzer material

    A historian turned the looking glass around to create a Pulitzer Prize-winning book about North Dakota's Mandan Indians. Elizabeth Fenn tells their long and rich story from the inside looking out, rather than from the outside looking in - a tribal point of view, the Bismarck Tribune reported.

  • Lutheran group celebrates decades of ND prison ministries

    An organization with roots in the American Lutheran Church is celebrating four decades of spiritual retreats, which includes hosting prison ministries throughout North Dakota. The Kogudus organization is celebrating its 40th anniversary this summer and for more than 35 of those years its volunteers have entered prisons to offer biblical instruction to inmates.

  • Tularemia Identified In Four North Dakota Counties

    This summer North Dakota has seen an increase in reported cases of tularemia, an uncommon disease that humans can catch from animals and insects. The North Dakota Department of Health and the North Dakota Department of Agriculture, Animal Health Division, have received reports of two confirmed human cases of tularemia in LaMoure and Burleigh County; one unconfirmed but likely positive human case in Stark County; a case in a squirrel from the Roosevelt Zoo in Minot; and cases in two primates from the Dakota Zoo in Bismarck.

  • Poverty Grows Nationwide, Decreases in ND

    According to the most recent data from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, more than 16 million children live in poverty in the United States. That's a four percent increase from 2008.

  • Senators seek COOL solution

    North Dakota's senators say they hope to placate Canada and Mexico by making country of origin labeling of U.S. meats voluntary - but that may not be enough. Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., joined Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., to introduce the Voluntary Country of Origin Labeling and Trade Enhancement Act of 2015, repealing mandatory country of origin labeling for beef, pork and chicken.

  • Low Canadian dollar affects North Dakota businesses

    As the Canadian dollar slid to its lowest point in more than a decade, Minot resident and general manager of the Vegas Motel Wendy Rupert has noticed fewer Canadian tourists in the United States. "I don't know what the border crossing numbers are, we have not seen as many Canadian cars in town, license plates and whatnot, as we have in the past," said Rupert.

  • Patrol names Tioga resident who died after one-car crash

    The state Highway Patrol has identified an 84-year-old North Dakotan who died after a single-vehicle crash Sunday. The patrol says Orpha Prather, of Tioga, was traveling north on Country Road 11 in Burke County when the driver lost control and entered a ditch.

  • UND Nickname: Still Hope For "North Dakota"?

    It appears there may still be a ray of hope for supporters of "North Dakota" as a potential UND nickname. This week, the Nickname Committee dropped "North Dakota" from the list and wound up with: Fighting Hawks, Nodaks, North Stars, Roughriders and Sundogs.

  • Lignite Volunteer Fire Department Fined Over $650,000 for Selling Water

    The Lignite Volunteer Fire Department recorded over $650,000 of profit over the past few years, and were recently assessed a penalty for a similar amount for illegally selling water to be used in the oil patch of North Dakota. North Dakota law states that all waters within its borders are owned by the state, and a permit is required to sell the water.

  • Poll: US views of Francis dim; a plunge in approval ratings

    Scientists have discovered a previously unknown source of ancestry for some native peoples in Brazil, suggesting a new wrinkle in the story of the settlement of the Americas. A federal appeals court has affirmed a ruling that struck down a North Dakota law banning abortions when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which can be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy.

  • 'Fetal heartbeat' law struck down in North Dakota

    The nation's first law to ban most abortions as soon as a fetal heartbeat is heard - around six weeks of pregnancy - lost in court again Wednesday. Because Supreme Court precedent "does not permit us to reach a contrary result, we affirm," said a three-judge panel of the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals , upholding a lower court ruling striking down the 2013 law.

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