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  • How bee deaths will actually make your life worse

    As fans nationwide, myself included, are salivating - excuse me - celebrating National Honey Month this September, we are reminded and encouraged to pay homage to our favorite pollinator, the honeybee. And, I'm particularly excited about honeybees, as my home state of North Dakota happens to be the country's No.

  • Sinner: More federal officers needed in oil patch

    The Democratic candidate for North Dakota's lone U.S. House seat says the federal government isn't doing enough to tackle increasing crimes such as drug and human trafficking that are mostly the result of the state's oil boom. George Sinner, a state legislator, said Monday that the state's two U.S. senators - Republican John Hoeven and Democrat Heidi Heitkamp - have taken lead roles in fighting crime in the oil patch, and believes he would be a better ally for them than Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer.

  • Costly measures won't improve U.S. oil train safety - industry

    Scrapping old tank cars or testing oil train cargoes will not prevent disaster, U.S. oil industry leaders said on Tuesday, arguing that imposing such steps will damage the economy without improving safety. Officials aim to prevent train mishaps such as the fiery catastrophe in Lac Megantic, Quebec last year when a shipment from North Dakota's Bakken energy patch jumped the tracks and exploded, killing 47 people.

  • Panelist plans to examine Fargo Police Dept. with 'open mind'

    One of five people serving on an independent panel investigating the policies of the Fargo Police Dept. says he thinks the findings will have a positive impact on the department's future.

  • North Dakota's substitute teachers shortage grows

    Janet Welk is the director of the state Standards and Practices Board. Welk tells the Bismarck Tribune the shortage is the worst North Dakota has seen.

  • Senators seek oil tanker notice for first responders

    Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., joined by California Sens. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, pressed the Department of Transportation on Monday to require that first responders be notified before trains carrying 20 or more carloads of crude oil, ethanol or other flammable liquids travel through their communities. In 15 pages of comments submitted to the rulemaking docket, the senators identified shortfalls and inconsistencies in DOT's current proposal, which only covers trains carrying 35 cars or more of oil from the Bakken region centered in North Dakota.

  • Regents approve pay increase for ASU President Crow

    The Arizona Board of Regents will vote today on a 20 percent raise in base pay for ASU President Michael Crow that could push his total annual compensation to nearly $900,000. Regents approve pay increase for ASU President Crow The Arizona Board of Regents will vote today on a 20 percent raise in base pay for ASU President Michael Crow that could push his total annual compensation to nearly $900,000.

  • US oil industry offers crude-train testing standards after accidents highlight risks

    The oil industry's lead trade group released new standards on Thursday for testing and classifying crude shipped by rail after prior shipments were misclassified, including a train that derailed in Canada and killed 47 people. But as with earlier orders from the federal government, the industry's standards generally leave it to individual companies to decide how often to test crude in order to gauge its danger.

  • North Dakota GOP votes to return millions in oil revenue to local municipalities

    North Dakota 's GOP leaders held a news conference Wednesday afternoon in front of the state Capitol building in Bismarck, ND. Communities in western North Dakota's oil producing region would get over double their current share of oil revenue under the new Republican proposal.

  • Oil Producers Resist Wholesale Safety Overhaul in North Dakota

    North Dakota oil producers told the state's energy regulators that existing field practices used to prepare Bakken crude for rail transport are safe and that tougher rules could do more harm than good. The comments, at a special hearing of the North Dakota Industrial Commission , came as federal, state and local officials grapple with how to ensure the safe transport of the state's crude oil.

  • Dayton urges North Dakota to improve safety of rail-shipped oil

    Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton latched onto a North Dakotan's suggestion about how to make oil safer to transport earlier this month and on Tuesday asked North Dakota leaders to take action. Dayton wrote to North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem and Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring asking that they, as Industrial Commission members, require oil pumped in the western part of the state to be conditioned before being shipped.

  • Lack of volunteers leaves N.D. service on brink of closure

    The elixir for revival is volunteers. But they seem to be in short supply in the Nelson County governmental seat of 650 residents.

  • Happy People Live In The Midwest

    If you like to smile, you are living in the right place. A new survey says many of the happiest states in the country are located in the Midwest.

  • North Dakotans urged to get protected against flu

    Immunization Surveillance Coordinator Amy Schwartz says a couple of vaccine manufacturers are reporting delays in vaccine shipments, but officials still expect an adequate supply starting in October. Officials at First District Health Unit in Minot have a shot clinic scheduled for Oct. 8 and are still waiting for vaccine to arrive.

  • Sorry, North Dakotans, your constitution won't allow you to get oil royalty checks

    What are the forces moving the Minnesota economy? Adam Belz tries to identify the trends and show the connections between Minnesota and the larger U.S. and global economies. You can connect with him on Twitter: @adambelz Year-round residents of Alaska will each get a $1,884 royalty check this year from a state oil wealth trust fund, but residents of North Dakota aren't so lucky.

  • Obama called on to ban oil trains

    An environmental advocacy group said it wants President Barack Obama to use his authority to ban the type of rail cars tied to recent oil train derailments. Older rail cars designated DOT-111 carrying crude oil have been involved in a series of disastrous derailments, including the deadly incident in Lac-Megantic, Quebec in 2013.

  • The States With the Least Credit Card Debt

    Midwestern states have some of the lowest costs of living in the U.S., so it makes sense that most of the states with the least credit card debt are in that region. At the same time, consumers who live in states with low costs of living tend to have lower credit limits - when it comes to credit card debt , the debt-to-limit proportion is much more telling than the sheer value of credit card balances.

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