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Welcome to! This site is to help those find where the current rigs in North Dakota are located by name and Latitude & Longitude.

Whether you are a driver, a hauler, a dispatcher, or a hand, there is always the question: “Where is that rig/ well located?”. This site is intended to help those trying to locate an oil rig¬†or well by providing directions or a map to the desired site.

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  • Pre-school funding sails through Senate

    Legislation that would provide $6 million to expand early childhood/pre-kindergarten education programs in North Dakota received an overwhelming endorsement last week in the state Senate. SB 2151 was approved Feb. 25 on the Senate floor by a 33-14 margin and now moves to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

  • 4 Missionaries Detained in Venezuela Expected Home Tuesday

    Four U.S. missionaries released by Venezuelan authorities at the weekend after being detained and questioned for several days are expected back in North Dakota on Tuesday. Lead Pastor Bruce Dick at Bethel Evangelical Free Church in Devils Lake says the missionaries are still in Aruba, where they went after leaving Venezuela.

  • Oil trains - yes or no? A lesson in risk communications: Tony May

    The chances of winning the PowerBall jackpot are about one in 175 million. If you're a high school basketball player, your chances of being drafted by a National Basketball Association team is one in 1.5 million.

  • Senator: Venezuela frees 4 North Dakota missionaries

    Hoeven says in a news release that his office learned from pastor Bruce Dick of the Bethel Evangelical Free Church in Devils Lake that Venezuelan authorities had released the church missionaries earlier Saturday.

  • Firefighting school

    Amidst glistening firetrucks, firemen rappelling from overhead beams and an assortment of vendors featuring a wide variety of firefighting apparatus, the 61st Annual State Fire School got under way Thursday at Minot's All Seasons Arena. Thursday was primarily a sign-up and set-up day, but there were two classroom sessions on Wildland Firefighting.

  • Wolf to Obama: 'We cannot afford to wait for a major incident before taking action'

    Gov. Tom Wolf made a call for action to improve the safety of transporting crude on Pennsylvania railroads Friday in a letter to President Barack Obama . Wolf outlined his concerns over the transportation of crude oil from North Dakota's Bakken region through Pennsylvania in his letter.

  • Recent 'Bomb Trains' Expose Regulatory Failures

    New rules, which are expected to be finalized in May, would require the phase-out of older cars, in favor of newer reinforced designs The latest oil train derailments could force the federal government to tighten the regulatory screws further than they had planned. The train disasters in Ontario and West Virginia were the latest in a long line of explosions from oil trains, or "bomb trains" as they have been called derisively by their critics.

  • New for the zoo

    If you'd like to know more about North Dakota's habitats, a five-part series of classes open to teachers and anyone else interested are scheduled at Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot. The zoo is partnering with the North Dakota Game and Fish Department to offer the Habitats of North Dakota Teacher Workshop.

  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Production Shifts; Upcoming Events and Training

    Here in North Dakota, at -9 degrees this morning, appraising properties is a walk in the park, right? What about for appraisers in the Lake Erie area where there's a land-yacht? And then we have this little tax snafu where property taxes weren't paid on half the house. You just can't make this stuff up! There are plenty of mortgage & bank moves out there you can't make up either, with a list below of news from PHH, Chase, FBC, Bank of America, Stifel, and others.

  • North Dakota high school hockey tournaments kick off

    FARGO, N.D. North Dakota's state high school hockey championships are being decided in Fargo and West Fargo. The boys' and girls' tournaments are Thursday through Saturday at Scheels Arena in Fargo and the Veterans Memorial Arena in West Fargo.

  • N. Dakota Takes on Hazelwood Ruling

    North Dakota journalism students and faculty support a bill that would grant students many of the protections enjoyed by professional reporters -- despite the U.S. Supreme Court's Hazelwood ruling. The bipartisan House Bill 1471 would guarantee students their First Amendment Right in broadcast and publication.

  • Heartland Daily Podcast - " Isaac Orr: Introducing Bette Grande to Energy Team

    Research Fellow Isaac Orr introduces the latest addition to The Heartland Institute's team, Research Fellow Bette Grande. Bette is a former legislator from North Dakota who served in the ND legislature for nearly two decades.

  • Crude behavior: the US is very, very serious about challenging Saudi oil dominance

    It would mean that international buyers would have access to new sellers of energy that could be purchased at competitive prices and in turn drive down the price of Saudi Arabian oil. The US banned crude exports in the 1970s when a number of Arab countries refused to sell oil to the US in protest of its support for Israel in the 1974 Arab-Israeli conflict.

  • Poll Shows that North Dakota Voters Want Sen. Heitkamp to Block...

    The statewide poll of likely voters also support provisions in the Department of Homeland Security funding bill approved by the House of Representatives, 55% to 34%, that would restrict funds from being used to implement the president's unlegislated amnesty programs. opposed defunding the president's executive amnesty earlier this month, despite her previous assertions that such acts are unconstitutional.

  • Poll Shows that North Dakota Voters Want Sen. Heitkamp to Block...

    A new statewide poll of likely North Dakota voters finds that they overwhelmingly oppose President Obama's abuse of executive power to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens in the U.S. North Dakotans oppose the president's plan by a 72% to 23% margin. The statewide poll of likely North Dakota voters was conducted February 20-22 by Zogby Analytics on behalf of the Federation for American Immigration Reform .

  • ND congressional delegation: Keystone veto is disappointing

    North Dakota's congressional delegation is criticizing President Barack Obama's veto of a bill to approve construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. Chief sponsor Republican Sen. John Hoeven says the veto is not surprising but is unfortunate because it contradicts the "will of the American people.'

  • Gun Ranges in North Dakota: 4 Spots for Firearms and Pistol Practice

    North Dakota ranks 20th in a 2014 list of the best states for gun owners compiled by Guns and Ammo . "More than half of North Dakotans own firearms, and the vast rural expanses of the state provide plenty of shooting opportunities."

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